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Welcome to Era Kids, welcome to a world filled with fun & education. The years a child spends at a kindergarten school are among the most impressionable years of his life; young minds are like clay posts & can only be mould when at a tender age. Hence we at Era Kids have implemented a simple philosophy of Laugh, Learn & Lead. With emphasis on laughter at every step while educating for a brighter future, we have a habit of developing future leaders. We work on the overall development of a young mind in the right environment to work wonders for years to come. We at ERA School know that parents are rightfully concerned about the type and manner of education provided and are interested in the total development of their children. ERA has implemented new techniques with greater emphasis on overall development by means of introducing ERA School in Play Group, Nursery, Lower KG and Upper KG. The school syllabus is designed after adequate research of child psychology. Our Aim is to expose children to the kind of stimulating experiences which promote healthy mental growth, great freedom and overall personality development, besides providing adequate training in Reading & Writing Readiness.

Our Curriculum

At ERAIS Pre Primary schools, a lot of emphasis is laid on teaching English as most of the children come from homes where the language spoken regularly is not English. Year-wise objectives are laid out whereby in early years emphasis is on speaking, listening, pre reading & writing skills. Comprehension

At our pre primary schools in Maharashtra, pre-math emphasizes on teaching the quality and essence of numbers using practical activities. Application of this knowledge to every day life is what makes the learning interesting for children. For instance to teach number 2 all things that exist in nature

The pre primary school curriculum has been developed to make the child understand and explore his immediate environment and the physical world. Also to learn the basic technique of exploring, questioning and drawing conclusions from their learning.

In our pre primary schools, physical and personal development is given paramount importance as it is a very important aspect of overall development. Physical education takes care of developing the fine and gross motor skills and a lot of time is dedicated to this. Objectives

At ERAIS Pre Primary Schools in Maharashtra, we recognize that the child will grow into a confident adult only if (s)he has a strong sense of self image. This domain is worked upon every single day in our school through stories, role-play, group activities, show & tell activities. Children are encouraged and taught

Children are introduced to computers and by the end of the pre primary phase they are comfortable with using computers as a learning medium. Computer rooms run by well-trained teachers, provide the ideal environment for children to pick up the basic concepts. Also the interactive

Art is introduced to children so that they use it to play, to express, to explore and to enjoy. The Art room is well-stocked with quality resources like paper, crayons, colors, brushes, easles, etc. A specialist art teacher with a well-defined art curriculum introduces children to various art forms.

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AIERA stands for All India Educational Research Academy. AIERA is now a national level organization operating in country with twelve different arms..


Our Mission is creating opportunity to learn Information Technology to all. Procuring them the knowledge of IT and making accessible resulting growth. Thus including them into the revolution and further establishing strong India.

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