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A child’s development depends on his adaptability of the environment aroun him, we at Era Kids ensure an overall development if the child by ensuring that every child participates willingly in these development based activities. The Activities are so designed as to ensure entertainment for the kid but still educating them in the process. The necessity of these activities arises to let the child break his barriers & step into a new world full of knowledge & excitement.

 Annual Day

Every year the student & teachers come together & work in tandem to come up with mind blowing routines to leave every one enthralled & excited. The overall performance ot the school is reviewed & all the children get a chance to show off their enhanced & developed skills in the year gone by. It comes as no surprise that the annual function is awaited all the year along & holds a special place of recognition in everyone’s mind. Vibrant colors mixed with foot tapping music & a dash of dance ensure that an aura of excellence & brilliance envelopes the event.


“ The healthiest competition occurs when average people win by putting above average effort ”.

Keeping the above mentioned line as the guidelines we have ensured that healthy competition prevails in the school we have designed & structured the competition so as to bring the best out of every child & in the process prepare them for their future. The competitions also ensure that every child gets an equal opportunity regardless of the result.

  • Kids sport competitions
  • Kids confidence competitions
  • Activities for kid’s competitions
  • Doll competitions
  • Healthy children competitions
  • Dance competitions
  • Racing competitions
  • Craft competitions
  • Parents competitions
  • Story Telling competitions
  • Rhymes competitions
  • Fun competitions